⤿ REASON: Missing Level

You will receive a call from Maria, who will ask you to come to her office. She will let you know that Alexis Masterson is searching for a new model for a recent campaign.

Dialogue Edit

Maria: "YourName, what's the good word? Never mind. I'll tell you... There's a big modeling deal out there up for grabs! Alexis Masterson is looking for a top model to help her reveal a new collection. She wants someone who has a reputation for being romantic...

Speech I'm romantic!

Maria: "That's lovely and all, but it's not me you need to convince... I want you to go on a few dates. Word around town is that Alexis has sent out her assistants to various hotspots in search of a romantic model. Any random stranger in the crowd could be one of her assistants, so just do what you do and be yourself on your dates... One of her assistants is bound to notice you. Once word gets back to Alexis about your romantic nature, she's bound to offer you the deal."

Speech Sounds good.

After you have gone on three dates, Alexis will call you.

Alexis Masterson: "Hello Your Name. I hope you don't mind me calling out of the blue, but I couldn't help taking notice of your romantic spirit... I think you're the right model to help me unveil my Fallback collection."

Speech Really?

Alexis Masterson: "Absolutely. People don't generally think of the fall as a particularly romantic time of the year. I intend to change that, with your help. Are you interested?"

Speech Of course!

Alexis Masterson: "I'm very pleased to hear that. I'll get in youch with your management team and we'll kick off the Fallback fashion tour."

Speech Great!

Simon will call afterwards, asking you to come to his office.

Simon: "Well, there goes twenty bucks! Maria bet me that she could get you the deal with Alexis Masterson before I could... She wins this round, but as long as you've got offers coming in, I like to think we're all winners - wouldn't you agree?"

Speech Sure...

Simon: "Speaking of the deal... this one's big! Alexis gave Muse Magazine an exclusive to reveal that you will be the face of of Fallback collection. Muse wants to get the photos for their reveal done ASAP. They're already expecting you."

Speech Okay, on my way.