Speak with Garrett St. Clair.

This is where you choose your star/starlet's name. If you change your mind, talk to Maria at any point in the game to change your name.

Remember back in Chance Encounter when Kim asks for either a black or gold dress? She will wear the dress you choose for her during the photoshoot!

Kim BlackDress Kim GoldDress
Black Dress Gold Dress

After talking with Kim, it's time to start your first photo shoot!

Available Actions

Time Limit: Time 3 Minutes
Energy Needed: Energy 7
Reward: Star+1

Action Cost Reward
check makeup Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1
profile shot Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1
lighting check Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2
check negatives Energy3 Cash+4 XP+3 BlueStar+3
wardrobe change Energy4 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+3


Garrett St. Clair Hey, you must be Kim's friend... sorry, I forget what she said your name was
You Speech My name is...
Garrett St. Clair YourName, right! I'm Garrett St. Clair. Well, I'm all set up for your photo shoot.
You Speech Photo shoot?
Kim Kardashian I guess Garrett sort of ruined the surprise, but I hope you like it, and you look great! I love your style!
You Speech Thanks!
Kim Kardashian Oh, good! I was totally worried that you'd hate the idea of doing a photo shoot. Are you ready for your closeup? Talk to Garrett to get started.
You Speech Okay!
Garrett St. Clair You look great! Are you ready?
You Speech Ready!

Garrett St. Clair You're doing well! Let's try to get a profile shot.
You Speech Okay.
Kim Kardashian You're a natural in front of the camera. You should get a "momager" ...
You Speech Thank you.

Garrett St. Clair Not bad... And you said you've never done this before?
You Speech Never.
Garrett St. Clair Well... if I were you, I'd consider a career change to modeling. You might just make it. Incidentally, I'm throwing a party tonight - Kim's coming - why don't you come as well?
You Speech Hm..
Kim Kardashian You did such an amazing job! You should come to this party with us. There will be a lot of amazing people there.
You Speech I think I will...
Kim Kardashian And a friend of mine, Simon Orsik, will be at the party tonight. He's a talent manager, and I BET he'll want to meet you! I'm thinking we should set you up with a manager...
You Speech Seriously?
Kim Kardashian Definitely. So the party's being held at The Brew Palms in Hollywood - if you're not familiar with it. I have a meeting I have to get to, but I'll see you there!
You Speech See you later!