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Jonathan: "YourName... do we have a deal on So Chic?"

Speech Let's do this Cash 2000

Speech (Come back later.)

Jonathan: "All right! Let's close this deal and the place is yours! Just... promise to keep Luther on. I think he needs this job..."

Speech Sure.

After you purchase So Chic, Simon will ask you to stop by his office.

Simon: "Good news, Your Name!"

Speech What is it?

Simon: "My daughter might FINALLY be breaking up with her boyfriend."


Simon: "It would be a relief, that's for sure. But that wasn't THE good news. The good news is that purchasing So Chic has gotten you more on the media's radar. I'm getting calls from reporters clamoring to hear from 'Kim's protege.' There's talk that you're the next big thing, and I'm DTF with that."

Speech Do you know...

Simon: "Yeah, it means 'good' or 'to be happy with something,' right? I don't know - I hear my daughter saying it all the time on the phone. Anyway, Starnews wants to do a feature on you for its monthly print publication. That's a circulation of a couple million! It'll be big publicity. Before that, though, you have a potentially bigger job. Marcel Tesiano contacted me. He wants you for a photography exhibiion he'll be debuting this year. Things are really starting to cook!"

Speech I'm ready to work.

Simon: "Good. But before the shoot, Marcel wants to meet with you at Metropolitan Magazine's studio. I guess he want to give you the creative details of the photo shoot. So, head down to Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills and speak to him."

Speech Okay.



Dirk Diamonds @Dirk_Diamonds

Sorry to all my fans... I WON'T be opening a boutique. It's all POLITICS!!

+4,500 fans

Willow Pape @WillowPape

Sorry to all my fans... I WON'T be opening a boutique. It's all POLITICS!!

+4,500 fans

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