⤿ REASON: Missing Level

You will have to complete the various actions to complete the goal. They are search seats (Energy 7), ask around (Energy 4), and check bathrooms (Energy 5). Then Maria will speak to you again.

Dialogue: Edit

Maria Holmes: "Well it's not here, but at least there's some good news... we're close!"

Speech We are?

Maria: "I was asking around and someone said that Kim mentioned dropping by Kardash to check on things... I bet she went next door and got so wrapped up in work, she left the gift behind! Thankfully, Kim's mom gave me a pair of key to Kardash in case of emergencies. I swear that woman has keys to the whole world! Let's head next door to Kardash!"

Speech See you there!

Additional Dialogue: Edit

Maria Holmes: "This club is a lot bigger than it looks! It's going to take a while to search for Kim's lost gift..."

Speech Yeah...