After a confusing meeting with Bryan Seagram at Mirimount Offices, where you were told that you are just one of many celebrities they are considering you to be the face of their new streaming reality series, you meet outside with your agent, Simon Orsik.

Simon has a great plan to ensure that Mirimount chooses you to front the series: shoot an episode of a reality show!

It just so happens that Kim is wrapping up the new season of her own reality show, and Simon thinks that your appearance on the show could give you an edge over the competition.

You agree, and this unlocks the next goal in the arc, Keeping Up With Kim.


Simon Orsik I think I have a way to show Mirimount that you're the talent they're looking for...
You Speech What's that?
Simon Orsik I know Kim is wrapping up filming her show for the new season sometime today over at her place. If you drop by, and appear on the show, what better way to show Mirimount what you're made of?
You Speech It's worth a shot.


  • This goal arc was originally part of a special weekend event series to celebrate Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's 3rd Anniversary.