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So Chic Boutique, known as simply So Chic, is located in Downtown LA. This is where you begin the game in the Introduction. Later on you can work here and even own it for some extra Cashcash.


Related GoalsEdit

So Chic BoutiqueEdit


Work Shift ActionsEdit

Energy, blue stars, and reward amounts are approximate.

Work Shifts
Shift Length Energy
Working a Short Shift - 1 Hour Energy 12
Working a Half Shift - 4 Hours Energy ?
Work Shift Actions
Action Cost Reward Achievement
check prices Energy 1 Cash 1 XP 1 BlueStar 2 Day Job
fold shirts Energy 2 Cash 2 XP 2 BlueStar 4 -
new outfits Energy 3 Cash 4 XP 3 BlueStar 6 -
hang shirts Energy 4 Cash 2 XP 2 BlueStar 10 Day Job
rearrange Energy 5 Cash 4 XP 5 BlueStar 10 -
Your shift is over.
1 Hour shift
5StarsCash40 XP5

4 Hour shift
5Stars: Cash160 XP20

Tappable ItemsEdit

By tapping certain objects, you will gain bonus CashCash, XPXP Points and EnergyEnergy. When CashCash and XPXP is collected before it vanishes, it reduces the waiting time for energy to regenerate by a few seconds.

Image Object Name
60px Mannequin

So Chic ExteriorEdit


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