⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue.

Simon introduces you to Maria Holmes. Speak to her.

Near the end of the conversation, she will suggest to put some dirt on your rival.
If you Get Revenge, you will gain +263 fans.

Speak to Simon afterwards. He suggests that you ask Kim to help you set up a date.


Simon Orsik Allow me to introduce Ms. Maria Holmes.
You Speech Okay.

Maria Holmes So, this is Simon "I still own a beeper" Orsik's newest client? You, YourName, don't want to know what he thinks a selfie is... Well... you certainly have the look, but here's the deal: I'll take you on as a client for now, but only as a favor to Simon.
You Speech Okay.
Maria Holmes You're lucky. His technological shortcomings aside, he's a good manager, so you have no excuse if you screw up. And if you can show me that you can NOT embarrass yourself in public and do what I say... I'll keep you around. Sound good?
You Speech Got it.
Maria Holmes Good. Now, let's get to why you're here: Stalkergate - whatever you want to call it, is not the introduction to the world you want. Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape... s/he's angry with you for what exactly? You hit on his ex?
You Speech 1 Apparently.
Speech 2 I did.
Maria Holmes Speech 1
Speech 2 That's a good way to make enemies! Do you have a... different boyfriend, girlfriend, or... any friends? Don't tell me you're a bitter longer. I WON'T represent another one of those.
You Speech I'm not.
Maria Holmes Well, then it's easy: go on a date! You won't be seen as a home wrecker if you're clearly not wrecking any homes?
You Speech A date?
Maria Holmes That's what I JUST said. A date shouldn't be hard to find: this city is filled with lonely, if not desperate people - maybe stay away from the desperate ones, though.
You Speech Hm...
Maria Holmes Oh! And I almost forgot. As part of my comprehensive package, I can also take to the internet and get some revenge on Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape. Just a little rumor, some gossip to get some negative attention on him/her if you'd like.
You Speech A (Get revenge.)
Speech B (Take high road.)
Maria Holmes Speech A Who needs therapy when blasting someone online makes me feel better than all the CBT and SSRIs in the world could?
Speech B
You Speech A ...
Speech B

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @Starnews_Ray
Is @Dirk_Diamonds/@WillowPape addicted to plastic surgery? A single, anonymous source thinks so, and who could argue or sue for libel when it's posted as a question?
+263 fans

DirkDiamondsFeed Dirk Diamonds @Dirk_Diamonds
@Starnews_Ray don't be jealous because your doctor botched your face lift! Everyone knows I'm mostly natural!

WillowPapeFeed Willow Pape @WillowPape
@Starnews_Ray don't be jealous because your doctor botched your face lift! Everyone knows I'm mostly natural!

Simon Orsik She's... mercurial, but she gets the job done. If you're looking for a little romance, I know Kim is always interested in setting people up. Why not see if she has anyone in mind?
You Speech Okay.

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