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December 2017

Holiday Pop-Up Store
Star Cost: Star100 Star-hair-specialevent02 Star-jacket-specialevent02 Star-sneakers-specialevent01
Star Cost: Star140 Star-hair-specialevent03 Star-jacket-specialevent03 Star-pants-specialevent01
Starlet Cost: Star120 Starlet-hair-specialevent05 Starlet-dress-specialevent05 Starlet-shoes-specialevent01
Starlet Cost: Star140 Starlet-hair-specialevent06 Starlet-dress-specialevent06 Starlet-accessory-specialevent05

October 2017

5-Heart #Throwback Event: October 23 - 25
Star Throwback Gift Boxes
Starlet Throwback Gift Boxes
Celebrate Kim's Birthday Event: October 20 - 22
Starlet Starlet-accessory-specialevent03 Starlet-dress-specialevent04 Starlet-hair-specialevent04
Halloween Pop Up Store: October 2017
Star Cost: Star150 Star-hair-specialevent01 Star-jacket-specialevent01 Star-accessory-specialevent01
Starlet Cost: Star150 Starlet-hair-specialevent01 Starlet-dress-specialevent01
Cost: Star150 Starlet-hair-specialevent02 Starlet-dress-specialevent02 Starlet-accessory-specialevent01
Cost: Star140 Starlet-hair-specialevent03 Starlet-dress-specialevent03 Starlet-accessory-specialevent02

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