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ImageMissing YourName, how nice to meet you! Grace Wellington of the Stars for Solutions organization.
You Speech Nice to meet you! Energy6
ImageMissing So let me just tell you a little bit about what Stars for Solutions actually does... In a nutshell, we're a not for profit organization working to encourage the affluent stars of Hollywood to support various charities.
You Speech 1 (Learn more.)
Speech 2 I've heard enough.
ImageMissing 1 We do our best to prevent celebrities with philanthropic opportunities that best suit their interests. Basically, I can offer you upcoming charities, and you can choose which charity you'd like to support!
You Speech 1 Sounds great!
Speech 2
ImageMissing If you're ready to support a charity, I'll tell you about the two upcoming charity events... The first charity is called Trail of Trees. It's about fighting deforestation and getting thousands of new trees planted every year! The second charity is called Seeds of Hope. It's an effort to set up sustainable farming in areas where food is scarce and people are starving. So, which charity would you like to back? Trail of Trees to fight deforestation, or Seeds of Hope to combat hunger?
You Speech A (Trail of Trees.)
Speech B (Seeds of Hope.)
ImageMissing A Ah, great choice! The folks over at the Trails of Trees organization will be excited to have your support! The even begins in 8 hours at the Ganzerveldt Hotel in Tribeca, NY. Good luck, and I hope we'll get to work on many more great causes together!
You Speech A Thank you, Grace!