⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue.

Your publicist, Maria Holmes, will call you into her office to discuss applying for the job of buyer for Kim Kardashian's store, Kardash, in Miami.

You can choose to accept Maria's idea as is, or talk to your manager, Simon Orsik, about the opportunity first. This will unlock the A Second Opinion goal.

Regardless of what you choose to do, both Simon and Maria will advise you to apply for the job.

Travel to LAX for Cash8 and enter Gate 4. Tap on the airplane button at the end and fly to Miami for Cash15.

Enter Kardash Miami and speak to Kim. She's happy to give you the job, but you'll have to do a short shift for an hour. This will unlock the next goal, Up The Ladder.


Maria Holmes YourName, hun! I need to meet with you - nothing sinister! Just business... non-sinister business. I'm at my office in Hollywood.
You Speech ok.

Maria Holmes Well, you can follow directions pretty well, hun - that IS something. So... good for you. That is a compliment. My therapist would be proud of me.
You Speech Therapist?
Maria Holmes Yeah... I kind of had this thing where I yelled at my old assistant because she was an incompetent failure - er, I mean... Long, angry short story, I have completely unnecessary court-appointed therapy sessions to "control my anger," even though I know I don't have any anger issues.
You Speech Oh...
Maria Holmes I'm sure it's under control now, though - just don't cross me! Now, if we're done prying into my history, I have something else for you...
You Speech What is it?
Maria Holmes Well, I know Kim would never ask, but I also know she's looking for someone to oversee the Kardash Miami store: doing the buying for it, and such. And before you say it: no, it's not a photo shoot, or acting gig, but it's better than the clothing folding you're doing now at "So Whatever" ... ...and it could net you some good networking opportunities along the way if you can get in as the buyer for the store! Besides, Miami is great, and I hear the Cuban coffee there is to die for!
You Speech Hm...
Maria Holmes And from what I can tell, you've been in and out of enough retail jobs that you know what you're doing. I KNOW I'm no manager, but I do know this is a good move - and how to use a smartphone. Go ask Simon if you want.
You Speech 1 I will...
Speech 2 I believe you...
Speech 3 About his phone?
Maria Holmes 1 A Second Opinion
3 No! Not about his phone...
You Speech 3 Right...

KimKardashianFeed Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian
Looking forward to fun in the sun in MIAMI!

Kim Kardashian Hey, YourName! I honestly didn't believe Maria when she said you were flying out here! That's crazy, but I'm glad you came. So... you really want the job?
You Speech I do!
Kim Kardashian Well, I don't think anyone else flew from coast to coast for this job. Hm... I will have to get a reference from your last job - kidding! Welcome to Kardash. I know you'll do a great job.
You Speech Thanks.
Kim Kardashian Great! Okay, I'll show you the ropes around here first...
You Speech Okay.