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Kim Kardashian wants to help you develop your acting career. Stop by Kim's Mansion to get the scoop.


Kim Kardashian Hey YourName! Have you ever seriously considered becoming an actor?
You Speech 1 Yes!
Speech 2 Not really...
Kim Kardashian 1 I thought so! I think you've got what it takes, but what you need is a chance... You should come over to my place. I want to tell you about an acting opportunity I just found out about. I think you'd be perfect for it.
You Speech 1 Sure!
Speech 2
Kim Kardashian 1 Great! I'll see you soon?
You Speech 1 See you soon, Kim.
Speech 2

Kim Kardashian Hey YourName! Glad you could come over. I really like those shoes on you, by the way!
You Speech Thanks!
Kim Kardashian Okay, about that acting opportunity: My dear friend Jean Adrien is working on a short film called: "An Act of Kindness." The film is about a person who commits an act of kindness that changes their life forever... It's just like what happened with you! Doesn't it sound perfect?
You Speech Sounds great!
Kim Kardashian I know it's not like, a Hollywood film or whatever, but I think it could be something good to add to your acting portfolio. Are you interested in being in the short film?
You Speech Totally!
Kim Kardashian Good because I kind of already told Jean that you'd do it. I had a feeling you'd be interested! Meet my friend Jean Adrien at Panino. He can tell you all about the film!
You Speech Thanks Kim!