⤿ REASON: Dialogue; Missing Reward; Dialogue.

This goal will start after Kim gives you a call.

Kim: "Hey YourName! Have you ever seriously considered becoming an actor?"

Speech Yes!

Speech Not really...

If you say yes, Kim will reply with,

Kim: "I thought so! I think you've got what it takes, but what you need is a chance... You should come over to my place. I want to tell you about an acting opportunity I just found out about. I think you'd be perfect for it."

Speech Sure!

Kim: "Great! I'll see you soon?"

Speech See you soon, Kim.

Kim will greet you in her mansion.

Kim: "Hey YourName! Glad you could come over. I really like those shoes on you, by the way!"

Speech Thanks!

Kim: "Okay, about that acting opportunity: My dear friend Jean Adrien is working on a short film called: "An Act of Kindness." The film is about a person who commits an act of kindness that changes their life forever... It's just like what happened with you! Doesn't it sound perfect?"

Speech Sounds great!

Kim: "I know it's not like, a Hollywood film or whatever, but I think it could be something good to add to your acting portfolio. Are you interested in being in the short film?"

Speech Totally!

Kim: "Good because I kind of already told Jean that you'd do it. I had a feeling you'd be interested! Meet my friend Jean Adrien at Panino. He can tell you all about the film!"

Speech Thanks Kim!

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