Sometime after after you've reached level 9, Kim will call you about the Adoption Center.

Kim: "Hi, YourName!"

Speech Hey, Kim!

Kim: "Would you be available to help me out with something?"

Speech For sure.

Kim: "There's this adoption center near LAX where I volunteer whenever I get the chance. Something came up, so I need someone to fill in for me. I know the people working at the adoption center work so hard, so I don't want to let them down and leave them short-handed... Could you cover my shift at the adoption center?"

Speech What do I do?

Kim: "Just head down to LAX and walk past the Championship Business Centers building until you see the Love And Hope Adoption Center. Maggie Swan is the head nurse at the adoption center. She'll be able to tell you all about it. Thanks again for covering for me!"

Speech You got it, Kim!

Once you arrive at the adoption center, you meet Maggie Swan.

Maggie Swan: "YourName! I just got off the phone with Kim. She called to let me know you were coming to fill in for her. My name is Maggie Swan, and I'm the head nurse here at the Love And Hope Adoption Center. It's wonderful to meet you, YourName!"

Speech Nice to meet you!

Maggie Swan: "Are you ready to start helping out?"

Speech Ready!

Maggie Swan: "I can already tell you have a way with kids. Tell me YourName, have you ever thought about having a child?"

You now have two options to choose from:

Speech 1. Yes, I have.
Speech 2. No, never.
Yes, I have.
"Well, if you're ever interested, I'd be happy to let you know about your options for having children..."

a. Speech Not right now...
b. Speech I'm interested...

a. -

b. Maggie Swan: "If you're interested in having a child, you have two options... You can adopt a baby through the adoption center, or you could choose to have a child with a special someone in your life. Which option would you like to know more about?"
c. Speech (About adopting.)
d. Speech (With a partner.)

c. -

d. Maggie Swan: "If you're interested in having a baby with your partner, go on as many dates as you can with them to reach the highest level of your relationship. Once you have reached the highest level in your relationship, your partner will ask you if you're interested in having a child... If you are, then you will begin your journey to loving parents! If you aren't, don't worry about it. They will ask again in the future!"

Speech Got it.

Maggie Swan: "Now that you know how to start a family with a partner, would you like to learn how adoption works in case you decide to adopt instead?"
e. Speech No, thank you.
f. Speech Yes, please.

e. -

f. Maggie Swan: "You can visit us here at the adoption center to adopt a baby at any time by speaking with the other nurses, Jillian and Tim. To adopt a female baby, speak with Jillian. If you'd prefer to adopt a male baby, Tim will be happy to help you out! Visit us every day to meet different babies who need a loving home. Speaking of homes - when you have a baby, a new nursery will be added to all your homes, completely free of charge!"

Speech Okay, thank you.

No, never.
"Really? You strike me as someone very loving and kind. I bet you would make a really wonderful parent!"

a. Speech Not interested...
b. Speech Maybe someday!

a. Maggie Swan: "Well, if you should ever change your mind, come speak to me. I'd be happy to let you know about your options."

Speech I'll remember that.

b. -

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