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Kelly Anne will call to thank you for your work promoting D-Lish and is thrilled to have you at the shoot for Amerikanne ad campaign, which shoots in 8 hours.

Kim will call later to congratulate you on landing the Amerikanne line.

Simon will call in 8 hours when the ad campaign is ready.

Ad Campaign

The Amerikanne Ad Campaign
at Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills

Time Limit: Time 8 hours
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar ?
Energy Needed: Energy ?

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement

See how the media reacts to The Amerikanne Ad Campaign in 8:00:00.

(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

5 Star Rating: Cash+600 XP+200
+1,124,996 fans from Kim's feed
+2,178,000 fans

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