⤿ REASON: Goal Progression; Rewards.

It is a four hour event at Oak in SoHo. At the event, Elizabeth Korkov will appreach you and congratulate you on a job well done.

Korkov: "YourName, I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job you did representing my fashion designs on the runway... So, here you are at The Oak Club. You're welcome.

Speech Thanks!

Speech Oh...uhm...thanks?

Korkov: "No reason to kiss my boots. Unless of course you'd just like to kiss thirty-thousand dollars worth of designer leather. Ha! You have talent - I can see it. Stay on my good side and who knows how far you'l go in the fashion scene. Anyway, I have people to talk to. Ta."

Speech Bye...

After speaking with Korkov, Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds will approach and insult you.

Willow/Dirk: "Well, well, well. Look who it is. Does security know you've managed to sneak in here?"

Speech I was invited...

Speech I'm with Korkov.

Willow/Dirk: "You liar! I guess you think you're pretty got stuff now, huh? I've got news for you, honey... You'll never be me."

Speech (Insult.)

Speech (Ignore.)

Willow/Dirk: "How DARE you!? Did everyone just hear that? OMG! I swear, I will bury you in every way imaginable until you're nothing but a forgotten joke! UGH!"

Speech (Witty Comeback.)

Willow/Dirk: "What? No that...wasn't funny. Stop laughing at me...all of you! Ugh, I don't have to take this. Especially not from you! This party is lame, anyway..."

Speech Buh-bye!

Then Korkov will approach again.

Korkov: "You handled that well, YourName. You must get used to people being jealous. It's inevitable to inspire envy in those inferior to you... And don't worry about Dirk. Look ahead, not behind. Nothing back there but second place, I always say."

Speech(Smile and nod.)

After the event is over Maria will call.

Maria: "YourName? I heard there was a bit of excitement at The Oak Club. Sounds like it all worked out for the best. Elizabeth Korkov is impressed! You keep making powerful contacts and you'll rule New York in no time. Speaking of which, I'll get back to work on making you a star! Ciao!"

SpeechThanks Maria!

Simon will then call and ask you to come to his office.