After waiting for an hour, your manager, Simon, will call you with good news! Simon was able to snag you a small, amateur runway modeling gig for the clothing company DeBrier Co. It's very small-time, but it's a start!

Head over to PopGlam Magazine in Beverly Hills, and talk to Misty Levin to begin the fashion show.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 1 Hour
Energy Needed: Energy 33
5-Star Reward: Cash+75 XP+20

Action Cost Reward Achievement
face camera Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 -
smile with eyes Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2 The Look
spotlight Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2 Spotlight
shoulders back Energy3 Cash+3 XP+3 BlueStar+3 -
hips forward Energy3 Cash+3 XP+3 BlueStar+3 -
perfect posture Energy4 Cash+4 XP+5 BlueStar+4 -
balance Energy5 Cash+6 XP+5 BlueStar+5 -
walk runway together Energy5 Cash+6 XP+6 BlueStar+9 -
elegant stride Energy8 Cash+11 XP+6 BlueStar+8 -


Simon Orsik Simon calling, YourName. I heard back on that special assignment I was prattling on about a while back.
You Speech And...?
Simon Orsik I was able to snag you a small, amateur runway modeling gig - modeling clothing for DeBrier Co. Very small-time, but it's a start.
You Speech Great!
Simon Orsik That's what I'm here for! Head down to PopGlam to get started!
You Speech I'm ready!
Simon Orsik

PopGlamFeed PopGlam @PopGlamMag
We'll reveal how the world reacts to The DeBrier Co.'s informal fashion show on (Date) at (Time)!

TrendStyleMagazineFeed TrendStyle @TrendStyleMag
(YourName) showed everyone how it's done at The DeBrier Co.'s informal fashion show!
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