⤿ REASON: Dialogue.

Fly to Las Vegas from Gate 4 for Cash 20.

Speak to Marshall Ripley for Energy 4. He will eventually ask where he may have seen you from.

Marshall Ripley: "Look, if this is about that article claiming we water down the drinks, I can promise you we don't do that... anymore... as often. Man... I really need to hire some new promoters.

Speech Birthday party... Energy4

Speech (Come back later.)

Marshal Ripley: "Oh! Never mind that then. I'm Marshall Ripley, manager here. I have good news and bad news for you. The good new is that this place IS available after a check bounced; the bad news is that it isn't cheap."

Speech How much?

Marshall Ripley: "In the league of thousands upon thousands of dollars..."

Speech That's pricey.

Marshall Ripley: "It is - sorry. I just assumed you were rich, because, you know, you asked me about renting an entire club."

Speech I'll look elsewhere...

Marshall Ripley: "Wait a sec. You look familiar... Have I seen you somewhere? Are you on TV or something?"

You can either say:
Speech Some modeling Star 2 +CashXP
Speech Not really…

If you use the first option, Marshall will respond with, Marshall Ripley: "That's what it was! I saw your picture in PopGlam... er... not that I... read...that. But I could use you. I'm looking for someone for a new ad campaign I want for my club. You let me plaster your picture on billboards and in magazines from here to Texas and you and your party will be VIPS - and I'm hoping you might have some celebrity friends?

Speech Maybe...

Marshall Ripley: "Ha! Excellent. And if anyone asks: our drinks are NOT watered down."

Speech Aren't they?

Marshall Ripley: "Not if anyone asks! All right, I'll set the shoot up for you over at GLAMM Magazine's studio. We'll start the shoot for the Nuit ad campaign in 6 hours."

Speech Okay!

Charming will take you to the goal Big in Vegas.
Not really… will take you to the goal Too Low-Profile!