Willow Pape
(antemortem) willow pape
Gender Female
List Variant
Feed WillowPapeFeed @WillowPape

Willow Pape is a D-List celebrity when you first meet her. At a party Kim Kardashian invited you to attend, you will meet Dirk Diamonds, Willow's ex-boyfriend. She will accuse you of flirting with him, whether or not you actually did. She will often appear at various events to publicly humiliate you.

If you are a Star, you will meet Willow instead of Dirk at the said party. You will have the option to BlueStar Network or Heart Flirt with her.

Background Trivia

Willow Pape starts the game off as a D-List celebrity. She will always be ranked above you until you reach the A-List. She will do whatever it takes to "get to the top", and is even willing to sleep with strangers to get new opportunities, as she implied so at Lif's Summer Bash.

Willow Pape first comes onto the scene as part of Mr. Manager, who yells at you for hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Dirk Diamonds.

Related Goals


Haters Gonna Hate
What are YOU doing here? Are you STALKING me? WTF?

I'm getting a picture of this…
Speech I came to talk…

Wow, that's great… except no one here wants to talk to you.

I'm an important celebrity with stuff to do other than suck up to Kim Kardashian - she didn't mention me, did she?
1. Speech Not in a good way…
2. Speech You wish!

1 & 2. Whatever. Beat it. P.S.: your creepy stalker photo is going right online… KK, bye now.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Mr. Manager
OMG! Who the eff do you think you are?!
1. Speech "Eff"? Pardon? +CashXP
2. Speech Who are you? +Cash

1. Do you know who I am? I'm Willow Pape, and I SAW you. You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend in there! Well… ex…

a. Speech No, I wasn't…
b. Speech So what if I did?

2. There's NO WAY you just asked me that. I'm Willow Pape. Duh. And WHAT did you think you were doing? You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend in there!

a. Speech No, I wasn't… +CashXP
b. Speech So what if I did? +CashXP

a & b. Whatever! I'm MUCH too famous to deal with you, gutter trash. Hashtag: ratchet.
Speech (Leave quietly.)


Home and Hearth
Willow Pape @WillowPape

A NOBODY ruins the party and I get kicked out? How does @YourName even know @KimKardashian? Total CONSPIRACY!

#Illuminati #Obamacare
+790 fans
Haters Gonna Hate
Willow Pape @WillowPape

Trying to film a commercial at Mirimount, but turns out I'm being STALKED by @YourName!!!

-211 fans
Socially Awkward
Willow Pape @WillowPape

@Starnews_Ray don't be jealous because your doctor botched your face lift! Everyone knows I'm mostly natural!


Willow Pape first comes onto the scene as part of Meet and Greet, who recognizes you from the photo shoot. You can either BlueStarnetwork or Heartflirt with her.

Related Goals


Meet and Greet
Hey, you were at the photo shoot earlier, weren't you? I'm Willow.
1. Speech network BlueStar
2. Speech flirt Heart +CashXP

1. Really? You know Kim Kardashian? Think… you could introduce me sometime?
Speech Maybe…

2. Well… I thought - and still think - you looked great at the shoot. Maybe you could give me a call sometime?
Speech Maybe…

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