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Willow Pape is a D-List celebrity when you first meet her.

If you are a Starlet, at a party Kim Kardashian invited you to attend, you will meet Dirk Diamonds, Willow's ex-boyfriend. She will accuse you of flirting with him, whether or not you actually did.

If you are a Star, you will meet Willow instead of Dirk at said party. You will have the option to BlueStar Network or Heart Flirt with her.

Either way, she will often appear at various events to publicly humiliate you.


Willow Pape starts the game off as a D-List celebrity. She will always be ranked above you until you reach the A-List. She will do whatever it takes to "get to the top", and is even willing to sleep with strangers to get new opportunities, as she implied so at Lif's Summer Bash.

Willow seems to have somewhat of a drinking problem.

At one point around D-List, you have a goal called Reality Check Show in which you are filming a one hour show where you and Willow throw shade at each other to please the media, and the winner of the showdown recieves a free mansion in Bel Air. It takes place in Kim's Beverly Hill's mansion. To win, get 5 stars on the project.